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{November 7, 2015}   It’s good to be back!

Day 22? Or is it Day 1, back to normal life…

As much as we loved the trip and loved spending the time together and it was hard to leave, it was time to come home, back to reality. We were missing family and friends and furry babies! We couldn’t wait to see them!

What greetings we got! PSM took me to my sister’s and I got to see GES and MGS, what hugs we got from them! Then it was on to get my furry babies, Jymy and Peanut couldn’t stop crying and trying to cuddle with me, PSM said Mollie jumped on him then in the car and wouldn’t get out until they left his brother’s house!

What a day! We were up at 3/3:15am local time to ensure we were ready to be picked up at 4:30 am, our flight was at 6:30am and we needed to be there at least one hour before the flight and we got there in plenty of time. Now, keep in mind, we were up at 3am local time, that was 9pm back east! Some of you weren’t even in bed yet and we were getting up ridiculously early to catch a flight! So, here it is, 10:43pm eastern and I’m no sure if my internal clock is off because technically, my body thinks it’s 4:45am, I think I might be confused, it’s a definitely possibility, but the nice thing is I’m getting sleepy, hopefully there is a deep sleep in my future!

The flights were relatively uneventful. It was a short flight from Budapest to Amsterdam. Now, the security line to get through security from the main terminal to D was ridiculous! No order, rhyme or reason to these lines! But..we made it through.

We did, however get to watch a bunch of movies. We actually watched the Minions on our own screens at the same time, it was cool to laugh at the same parts of the movie. Then our viewing went their separate ways. I watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, loved, Trainwreck, interesting, and almost all of Home, cute, but not fabulous,

Then we were on the ground.

I fear friends, that I am starting to fade, I have nodded off during my blog a few times, I need sleep! So , I will wish you a very good night and just say, more tomorrow.

jet lag


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