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{November 4, 2015}   Day 19…Nice to Budapest

Today we bid a fond farewell to Nice, au revoir, and said, helló to Budapest.

Up early and since we were so efficient in our packing last night…we ended up sitting around waiting for the taxi, and waiting and…

The driver arrived and off we went. We got to the airport in no time, dropped our bags,  headed thru security and went in search of a petit dejeuner. They had Pastéis de Nata!!!

The flight to Brussels was an easy one, then a 2 hour layover and another two hour flight,  all better than the 24 hours it would have taken ya by train.



We got off the plane,  got our bags and immediately saw the ad for the City Pass, which included a shuttle to and from the airport,  which is good because we are about 40 minutes from the airport. We sat next to a lovely woman from England  who comes to Budapest every year and have us some great pointers.

This is an amazingly beautiful part of Budapest, technically we’re in Buda. Omg at the church right across from the hotel,  I can’t even begin to tell you!


And the room, oh my word! It’s the biggest room we’ve had! We could have a party!


We found a lovely lite place for dinner,  lots of different nationalities, we are in the touristy area.




Let me tell you one thing…Hungarian is not an easy language and I’ve had it pretty good so far,  I’m going to do my best here,  luckily it’s only for two more days!  PSM is doing great!  We made the waiter laugh with our efforts and he appreciated it. All you need to do is try!

szép álmokat!


Moritz says:

Very nice first impressions. Enjoy Budapest, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. If you need any tips, here’s what we did when visiting:

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