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{October 26, 2015}   Day 10… Adios Sevilla, Hola de Barcelona!

Has it really been ten days? Nah…we just got here!

Nothing much exciting to report today, except we done it right and made it to Barcelona…on the  train!

Our tickets this time did not include a change in trains so,  only two seats on one train for w hours.  The only drawback was we were hoping to be able to take some trains overnight and not take a day traveling,  oh well.

We got up too early and headed out in the rain,  the funny thing is the hostel was built around a courtyard so it was raining in the vestibule. We took a taxi to Estacion Santa Justa,  got a cafe and some snacks and waited for our train. 

While we were there,  we got smart and booked our next passage on Thursday.  Mums the word,  tell ya then.

Side note…people in the service industry,  especially places like ticket office at the train stations should speak at least a little English, it would help.  Thank goodness for Google translate, it picks up most of what I leave off!  But PSM says I’m doing alright, I think so too! 

We double checked we were in the right place and settled in.  It was exciting,  we saw a fight,  a good send off and running to catch the train,  it was like a silent film!

We watched the sun come up and the scenery go by and then we were both asleep,  a nice nap. Then we decided to pull out PSM’s iPad and watched Blacklist for the rest of the trip,  it definitely made the time go by quicker. Especially when we started going backwards! And we know how much I love riding backwards in vehicles! Not to worry,  we faced forward again.



We snacked on junk food,  coffee and tea and finally some sandwiches and then…we pulled into Barcelona…Estacion BCN Sants, we’re here!

Now we’re at the hostel we booked when we got off the train,  because that’s how we roll,  and now we’re waiting for someone to let us in.

I hope you had a fabulous Monday! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Buenas Noches


Moritz says:

Enjoy Barcelona! The city is absolutely amazing 🙂

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