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{October 22, 2015}   Day 6…Porto…A Tower…Eurorail

No alarms…what? Ahhhh…we got up liesurely…I think 10am is respectable when you’ve been setting the alarm every day.

We got up, motivated and dropped our bags with the hotel, they were going to hold them for us until later, and headed out. Our first stop was the Church of St Catarina, which was around the corner from the hotel and we seemed to miss it every time we tried. The churches, and a lot of businesses close between 12/1230pm and 1530pm. Everyone needs a break, right? I’m glad we went, it was a beautiful church.




After the church, it was time for breakfast at a little place near the church where we enjoyed a snack, watched trees being planted and inhaled plumes of smoke.


[That’s EJS’ turtle she gave me to travel with,  you’ll see her again]

Question…does everyone in Europe come out of the womb smoking? C’mon people, I’m eating here! Rant over.

After brunch we headed to the tower, I think I told you about it yesterday, the Tower of the Clergio. I am so proud of PSM, who is not too fond of heights, he made it to the top! On the way up there were some exhibits and we were able to get a great view of the church from above.






At the top of the tower, 75m and 240 steps, the view was amazing. Even the graffiti made it up there. At this point, PSM stayed put and I continued to the next level up. Wow.




The view was fantastic and one of the cool things was that they had plaques showing the different landmarks and where they were as well as comparing the height of the tower to other monuments around the world, like the Eiffel Tower, The Sears Tower, The Empire State Building, very cool.





When we got down to the bottom we realized we had worked up an appetite so…Brick for lunch. Nice healthier sandwiches, all of their sandwiches are served on boards.


After lunch we picked up some part cards, I wonder who they’re going to, wink, wink. PSM also bought a very cool hat, makes him look like a hip cat, not sure if he’s ever taking it off!

And then across the street to a park on top of a parking garage, how ingenious! It was fabulous, with blankets under some of the trees and wine crates with cushions to sit in the grass. They also had tables and chairs. We camped out under a tree.




The view of the street from the park


Where else can you be at a bar in a park and get a beer and a pot of hot tea? Love it!


After a while we decided to hop on the trolley and take it…well, wherever it went! We got off, walked around, mailed my postcards and realized it was time for dinner before the train.


We headed back to the hotel and collected our bags and looked for food. We went back to one if the places we had gone before, PSM was going to treat himself to a franceschina one last time. He was happy.

We headed to the train and hung out until it was time to go and here we are, in the train to Spain!
I’ll talk to you tomorrow from Spain!

Adeus, Portugal! Espana, alla vamos!


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