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{October 10, 2015}   13.1 miles, nailed it!

This morning, I participated in my 4th half marathon [it could be my 5th, but I’m not sure!]!

Wow, did I really just do that this morning? Yes, yes I did! I ended up getting a room near the train station that would take all of us to the start this morning. I got up about 5:30, out the door by 6am, down in the subway by 6:15am. Then I ran into FCD and two of her sisters and a niece.

FCD and I went to high school together and we’ve stayed in touch here and there, through Facebook and saw each other two years ago at our friend, CGS’ son’s bar mitzvah and we’ll see each other again at her daughter’s bat mitzvah in January!

She is the one who talked me into participating, reaching out because she knows I do a few runs here and there and thought I might be interested. You bet! This is my second Rock-n-Roll Marathon series half marathon. I don’t know if you remember me telling you about the half marathon in Las Vegas, same promoters. This happened to be the inaugural Brooklyn half marathon, how cool is that!

We got to the start and had to go through metal detectors, well not in that order. Made it to the corral and waited and waited, the run started about 30 minutes late, the police were delaying things a bit. We finally got started about 7:30am and we were off. We stuck together for a while, then her sisters and niece moved ahead and eventually we were all running solo.

I have to tell you, the first 6 miles were not that bad, it was after about 8, I was kid of done, but not quitting!

There was music along the route, not enough we decided, but it was fun. There were water and Gatorade stations every few miles, which helped keep us hydrated. I did not go to the medical tent because I didn’t!

I actually made pretty good time, considering I haven’t trained for this like I should have and was planning to. 3.29.22, that’s what my watch said and it was actually 13.54 miles, so considering that…

I took my beer ticket into the beer garden and as I was walking back to my friends, I admired a woman’s rose bouquet and after they allowed me to sniff the roses. I offered him my beer, as I had  feeling the others would not want more than one.

After the run, we went back to the hotels, the other girls went to their cars and headed home. I took a very cold bath, then a nice hot shower and eventually back to dad’s house where everyone was waiting.

I am a little sore, not horribly, and I think that is due to working out with CG, my personal trainer and some of the physical therapy, which she also puts into our workouts. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow.

Check out my swag, I’m pretty happy.

Ready for the next one!



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