Peaches Prattlings

{October 7, 2015}   I ordered straight off the menu!

What?  No changes? Nope!

JJ, say it ain’t so!  We didn’t even know that was possible! Yes,  yes it is,  imagine that!

Tonight we went to the Black Rice Bar/Sun Restaurant, a place we went to the last time I was here, it was fabulous! Black rice, or the forbidden rice and so worth it!

We all started with the black rice salad,  yum! Everyone else had shrimp on theirs,  I didn’t.  It was perfect as is.


Next,  I had pumpkin stew…vegetarian, and when I asked, not spicy, but I know me,  skeptical,  but guys…it came in a pumpkin!  And…not spicy!!


I also ordered one tomago, egg cake,  on black rice,  yum!


There was no way I could finish the soup after that giant salad, so I asked for it to-go. I joked and said “maybe he’ll give me the pumpkin”. (The service was terrible, I wouldn’t have put it past him) and guess what!


Lunch tomorrow!

Bottom line…I ordered straight off the menu, no changes! Go me!  And it was fabulous!


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