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{October 3, 2015}   Warm wishes this Sukkot

We are in the middle of Sukkot and I send you warm wishes.

Sukkot is a holiday that Jews celebratein the fall,  it marks the end of the harvest.  It ha been referred to as the Jewish Thanksgiving.

We celebrate by eating outside in buildings or booths constructed in our backyards. It is traditionally made of wood and has a thatched roof,  the important part is that even though your head is covered,  you can still look up abs see g-d.

This is a joyous holiday and one of the fun traditions is that once the sukkah is built,  then you decorate it.  Some use vegetation such as leaves and flowers,  some use lights and make paper chains,  some use fruits and vegetables.

The point is to enjoy it while it’s up,  so you decorate it to your liking. If you are more religious or observant, you would eat in it,  every meal,  maybe even sleep in it.

Tonight,  neighbors of GES and ACS hosted in their backyard,  it was great.  We had friends,  family,  food, fire andfun,  what more could you want!

Warm wishes to you and yours.





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