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{September 30, 2015}   Hap to me! I’m 44!!!

OMG! I’m 44, can you believe it?

As my friend KWH says…Hap to me! Hap to me! Hap to me!

First…I have to thank everyone for all of the FABULOUS birthday wishes, I am truly a lucky girl. My first birthday wish came early, it was yesterday and KWH texted to wish me an early happy birthday, a good way to start.

I got up and worked out with MS and CG, so I started my birthday sweatin’ my arse off! Felt good! I guess I’m not too old, I kept up, put in a good workout and didn’t pass out after. Wahoo!

In between working out and shower, I had phone calls and texts, I was off to a great start to my birthday. There were two texts from SDL and Miss A and JCH and my first call, PSM singing and wishing me a happy birthday [and it’s our 8 month anniversary, cool, huh?] A great way to start my birthday day.

Then GES, MGS and EMS called and sang happy birthday to me, it was awesome! Now, there is a tradition, much easier with younger kids, maybe you do this…after you sing Happy Birthday, you chant “Are you one? Are you two? Are you three…” when you’re a kid, it doesn’t take long, when you get older…so they sang “Are you one? Are you two? Are you five? Are you ten”…When they got to 40 [Are you going to stop us? Yes! When you get to 44!]. A fabulous call!

The next call was from my dad, another family tradition my grandmother started. “This is Western Union calling for JJ, is JJ available?” “I’m here” Then the singing started “Happy Birthday” and “Are you one? Are you two?” How much laughing did you do before 7:30am today? LOVE!!!

Then it was shower and get ready for work, head out in the downpour, crazy traffic, omg! As soon as I saw the highway from the street, I took back roads and it still took me 40/45 minutes to go 12 miles! Others, it took about an hour!

A little while after I got to work, HH came in to where I was with a bag containing a funny card and some glitter nail polish, which I loved! She’s the one who introduced me to the party nail, it was perfect! And then CH came in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, sunflower right in the middle, so pretty and a really cute card that everyone signed, it was so touching!


I got a few calls while I was at work, SRH and LaLa I got to talk to, I missed a call from TS, but got a great voice mail and I hope we can catch up this weekend.

After work I headed to the hotel to grab a quick bite to eat and sit down at last and look at FaceBook and start to thank everyone for their amazing birthday wishes! I ran out of time before I had to go out, so I know what my evening activity will be tomorrow! I am so touched and thankful for all the amazing birthday wishes I have received and I’m still receiving, I am a very lucky woman. THANK YOU!

The text messages keep coming in! AM, ST, CWB and if I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sorry!

Even Google got in the game!!!


PSM and Mollie picked me up about 8pm and took me to my sister’s house where there was a surprise party happening! ACS was home with the girls, there were some neighbors there already and then CO’F, JF and MF came over, then all of a sudden the lights were out and the singing and candles started! “Happy birthday to you” “Are you one!” OMG!

What did they put the candles in, since I can’t have cake? Gluten free, vegan cupcakes, how cool is my family!!! PSM and GES coordinated and it was great! I got to eat a sweet on my birthday and you couldn’t tell!!! There were also “regular” cupcakes for everyone else, which the kids of course loved.

While we were enjoying the goodies, LR showed up, with the cutest card from the family, this was getting better and then GES finally got home from curriculum night at the girls’ school, it was a party! A little while after everyone left, RG showed up, how fabulous and when I got back to the hotel, TS called, how lucky am I!!!

So…my presents! You can’t have a birthday without presents!!! I opened my gifts from my dad this morning and he nailed it! There was a mug, tote bag, t-shirt and mug all with Al Hirschfield on it. OMG! He is the best! I have loved Al Hirschfield since I was a kid! And there were four musical and awesome cards!

20150930_075505[1]      20150930_220242[1]

When I got in the car tonight, there was a present from PSM. A cool set of picture dominos, you can almost tell a story with them! And there was a minion and a great card. What a great guy I have! Thank you PSM! And a card from his family, JM, SM and their kids, J and M. THANK YOU!

When I got to GES’, the girls ran up with hugs and cards, then after cupcakes…I got a Go-Pro camera!!!! And an accessory pack! And free storage in the cloud, OMG! That was my gift from dad, GES, ACS, EJS and MGS, wow, am I spoiled or what??? The answer is yes!!!


I do want to send a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NB, my twin! Happy birthday my friend, I am so glad you’re in my life, I cant imagine my life without you in it! We’ve been friends since freshmen year of college and we are four hours apart, how crazy is that!!! Happy birthday!!!

So…I have had a fabulous birthday [if I have forgotten anything, please forgive me!]. I am off to a brand new year and you have all helped me start off on the right foot, thank you!



robert says:

Happy belated birthday!

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