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{September 28, 2015}   Dating Sites…love ’em…hate ’em

A necessary evil?

Tonight I helped a good friend, HH, set up her profile on a dating app, one I hadn’t heard of until recently. It was fun, I helped her select photos, come up with tag lines, interests, likes, ice breakers, a few other things. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Getting back “on the dating horse” can be stressful, I know I went through it when I got divorced and then between dating after that. Do I join a club? Do I ask friends? Do I go online?

Online dating has changed over the years. In the beginning it was kind of taboo, no one admits to meeting someone online. I remember when I started one guy had a tagline that said “We’ll tell them we met over coffee”. Why do you have to lie? Can’t you tell people you met in an unconventional way? Nowadays, people say it all the time, although, after a recent scandal, people wonder, hmmm.

One of the things I love to do is help people set up their online dating profiles, helping them navigate the site, choosing taglines, but what I enjoy more than anything is writing profiles. I have written some fabulous profiles, for people I know and people I didn’t know, I even wrote a profile for a guy I met on a train, how weird is that! I wrote a profile for a guy I was dating while we were dating. He started it, he asked, “what would you write about me?” so I wrote him a profile and said “If it doesn’t work out, use this”, it was pretty good too. Guess what…I think he met his wife from the profile!

Speaking of that! When ACS’ brother, JS was visiting me in Georgia, I helped him sign up for one of the sites and I wrote him a profile and he used a picture of Jymy, who looks just like his cat and…he met his wife, AS, using the profile I wrote, I was stoked! They are so perfect for each other!

I’ve written a few profiles for friends that have led to marriage, I am so tickled when that happens, it really means a lot and makes me feel good. I use specific criteria that I apply to each profile and work with what I know about the person or what they tell me is important. One friend had someone say they were too good to be true and another had someone tell them “I’m not sure if I want to meet you or the person who wrote this profile!” That was flattering, not what I was going for, but flattering!

It’s tough out there, the unexpected, the new, the unknown, the excitement, the fear, the apprehension, the anticipation. But you gotta get out there, right? Dating sites are like a blessing and a curse, all at the same time.

Like I said, a necessary evil.

So…going to start dating? Need a profile written?

Good luck!

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