Peaches Prattlings

{September 26, 2015}   What a day!

Sleeping in, ha! A great breakfast, a trip to the airport, a baseball game, a scratched car, groceries and bad food, whew!

I’ve told you about my friend, ST, my first work spouse, we have worked together at a few companies since 2009 when we started traveling together training on hand held devices. We see each other sometimes when I am in Atlanta and we were talking a few weeks ago and I said come to Bahston for the weekend and here he is!

Last night was Rita Rudner and today was another jam packed day. We slept in, well, he slept in, the bed is oh so comfy, it’s hard not to fall deep into the covers and pillows and…I got some bedding and slept on the couch, you know where I’ve fallen asleep before and then had to decide…get up and get into the bed or stay right here? hmmmm…

So, ST slept until almost 9am and of course, I was up about 6:30, fun. We got motivated, then called CH, my friend and co-worker, who calls me Smurf! and we all headed towards Cambridge. We parked at PSM’s house, thank you, and walked to the Friendly Toast, I’ve told them about it a few times and away we went. We put our names in and the wait was about an hour. Somewhere along the way, I told PSM where we were eating and he and his nephew, JM, met us there and waited with us and waited and waited.

We finally got a table and it was so worth it, both the people watching and the food. I had an egg sandwich with vegan cheese on gluten free bread and a gluten free pancake, OMG! I was happy! Everyone was happy!

After brunch, we went back to PSMs, then headed to the airport to pick up CH’s husband, who had just landed, perfect timing! Then we headed to the hotel to freshen up and change for our next adventure.

Off to the T station to take the train to Fenway Park, for the Red Sox vs Baltimore Oriole’s. A Yankee in Fenway and I didn’t explode! We stayed a few innings, had some food and then we were done, just long enough for ST to get a hat that he now loves, a beer and some treats.

Back to the train, get to the car and found a giant scratch down the side, what? It took multiple tries to get through to someone at Avis to report the issues, geesh. Tomorrow, we’re doing something pretty cool, I’ll tell you about it then, but we needed supplies so to the liquor and grocery store went.

We get back to the hotel and realize we forgot something…lottery tickets, the jackpot $267M, think that’s worth $2? Oh yeah! So, out to the gas station to get tickets, then we went in search of food and went to a local pizza place that is supposed to be good. I was excited, gluten free dough! My order…gluten free crust, olive oil and garlic, no cheese and a few veggies on top, broccoli, spinache and grilled eggplant. What happened when we get back? Tomatoes. Really? Did I say tomatoes? Maybe I should have told her that I was allergic to tomatoes, didn’t know I had to. That’s why I repeated garlic and olive oil only, oh well…I called and they refunded the money. Someone might enjoy the pizza.

Now, we’re crashed out, in our jammies, can you say that about a guy? ST in the bed and I’m curled up on the couch ready to crash, we have a very early day tomorrow, can’t wait!

Until then…sweet dreams.



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