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{September 19, 2015}   Black light yoga! Score!

Tonight we did something kinda cool.

I think I’ve told you that PSM likes yoga, let me rephrase…he lllooovvvveeessss yoga. So it took all of about 10 seconds after I saw the posting to sign us both up for this event.

The event was called Soul Pose Yoga,, an outdoor yoga event, starting at 7pm, black light to be exact. How cool does that sound?!

We got there about 6:30, signed in and got our yoga mats, towels and special Soul Pose bracelet and charm. We did get some souvenirs of course,  I couldn’t let this go by!  I got us some belts for stretching, a bag for my new yoga mat and a water bottle for PSM.

After we signed in,  we painted each other’s faces with glow in the dark paint.  I wish I could show you,  we’ll,  I’d show you him…he gave me a bright red moustsche…hmmm…

Then we walked down to the field past the mansion that was lit up for the event. I thought the night session would be more fun than the morning session,  I was right.

We looked for new mats,  any mats that were still rolled up,  part of the package we got. We got settled in and looked out in the sea of people.  The only requirement was to wear a white top,  very cool to see, especially after the sun went down.

There was a vibe in the air as we started,  the instructor was certified in something like 14 different forms of yoga,  impressive.  She wore a mess ‘o day-glo stuff on her head,  fingers.

It was a nice session with music,  nothing too difficult, I say that as someone who does not do a lot of yoga.  PSM enjoyed it,  definitely got a good workout. She also had a good sense of humor,  keeping us all entertained and moving. 

It was great to do all this as the sun was going down and then it was night time and we were all aglow.

Ok, now…the best part?  PSM didn’t know a thing until we got near the sign in tent and we heard a call to all yogis! Then he was all excited and like a kid!

The calendar invite said only “something you’ll like”. Was I right? You betcha!








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