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{September 18, 2015}   A double date…The Book of Mormon

Tonight was so much fun!

After work PSM and I headed downtown to meet GES and ACS at Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner before going to the theater. They had gotten there first so had settled into some wings while they waited for us. We got there and placed some orders, my sister knows me so well, they waited to order guacamole, I do love it so! Oh man, there was so much garlic, yum! Those chips were sal-ty! A good combo!

It was great to sit together and enjoy each other’s company, we actually haven’t done that before, had dinner, just the four of us out on the town, very nice. It really was enjoyable to sit and talk, laugh, joke, find out more about each other and just relax, that was the best part, relaxing with my best friends.

After a really good dinner, let me tell you, their veggie burger was great! I had forgotten how much I liked it! Everyone enjoyed their food, bonus! We all headed to the theater in time to climb to the balcony, find our seats and settle in to enjoy the show. Luckily the two people who don’t like heights were fine! This is the second time I’ve seen the show and it was just as good as the time I saw it with dad on Broadway, but everyone else was seeing it for the first time and I can tell you they all enjoyed it, it was a great performance and a lot of surprises, things you might not expect, which may have made it even better.

The show pokes fun at religion, tied up in a Mormon blanket. It is clever and funny and if you are open minded, I think you’d really like the show.

So kids…what’s next?



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