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{September 10, 2015}   Amazing news!

My niece, KK, has committed to play softball for a college!

I’ve told you about one of my best friends, EBK, we’ve known each other since we were kids. Our moms taught together at the same school for years and her dad was my teacher of French.

Side bar…that was a thing with all the teachers, unless you’re from France, you’re a teacher of French, a teacher of Spanish, you get the idea.

Back to the teacher of French. The crazy thing about her parents is that I used to call them by their first name and when he became my teacher, it was Mr. & Mrs. even to this day! I just can’t do it! I call them Mr. & Mrs. The B’s!

Ok, enough digression, back to the fabulous news at hand!

My niece, KK has been playing softball since she was a kid and has excelled at it every day. She is on a travel team that excels and wins, wins, wins. Towards the end of the summer she was representing her home state of Georgia in the Premier Girls Fastpitch national title game as part of her travel team. She was named all-region and all-county last year, she’s a sophomore, can you believe it!?

KK’s been courted by colleges since she was in middle school, can you believe it! I know, I keep repeating myself! Yes, she is just that good! Since she’s a sophomore, she can’t sign with a college, but this is the time she can commit to one. One of the reasons she picked the University of Delaware? Their Physical Therapy program, now that is a smart kid if you ask me!

I’ve known KK for a while, ha ha. Since they lived in Florida, I only knew her through photos and stories. I met her for the first time when she was in New York after my mom passed and then the next time I saw her was a year later when the entire family moved to Georgia! How fantastic was that! That’s when I became Aunt JJ for the first time to the family. That was when we became close and oh man did I love playing with those girls! We would have so much fun and sleepovers and pool time and play time and goofy time. I loved when it was just me and one or two of them, hanging out, going to the movies, whatever it was, it was awesome.

Now, among her many talents, she has a head for sports that is not to believed! You could ask her about almost any sport, team, player, play, didn’t matter. I remember being at a hockey game once and had a question about what a hat check was, who did I call? The only person I knew who would know the answer! I think she may have been about 7!

It has been such a treat to watch her grow up into this amazing young woman. She has gone from a goofy little girl who would wear dresses and run around like a crazy person around a pool, to a fabulous swimmer, to a girl who would only wear pink if it was in a pair of basketball shorts to a very smart, independent, quick on her feet, bright, ambitious, motivated young woman who is still a goofball, especially when it comes to her two sisters and her three dogs. I don’t think her family would have her any other way.

Congratulations KK, I look forward to coming to a game to watch you play and a college hoodie! And to continue to be as proud of you in the future as I am today. Good luck and enjoy every moment!!!



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