Peaches Prattlings

{September 9, 2015}   A vegan walks into a seafood restaurant…

That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke!

Tonight we had another fabulous team dinner. It started off as a ‘roll-off’ dinner and turned into a team night out as those who were rolling off aren’t. But who really needs an excuse to have a great dinner?

HH suggested The Barking Crab,, which had been recommended to her. Done, away we went! We carpooled and waited and waited and waited for a table, unfortunately, they don’t take day of reservations, but it was a chance to catch up, sounds good to me!

Well, all meals were some form of seafood except for the side items and when the server asked if there were any food allergies and I said I was a vegan, his next question…”So what are you doing here?” Hanging out with my fabulous co-workers!

So…What does a vegan eat at a seafood joint? Why, guacamole, salad, rice and veggies, was I happy?

You bet your sweet bippie!

And that, my friends, is what a vegan eats at a seafood joint!


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