Peaches Prattlings

{September 6, 2015}   Happy Birthday CWB

I met CWB when she was still CW.

We met in the 6th grade when I went to her middle school,  which was not the one near my house.  The reason I remember, and I know I could be wrong, was that my parents wanted me to go to a middle school with more Jewish kids and a lot of the kids from my temple and Hebrew school classes went there.

CWB and her twin sister and I met and became fast friends,  spending most weekends together, we were inseparable.

As we got older,  things did not change, even when we went to different high schools. We took drivers education together,  SAT prep together. Yhe panda picture, I don’t know if she remembers,  is representative of Joe Blow, a stuffed panda that I had when we were in our SAT prep class. Joe Blow was one of the examples the instructor, Kalmam, would use for everything.

I loved being at their house,  their mom would treat me like another daughter and include me in things,  it was very special. We helped each other get ready for prom, even hung together the next day after their prom.

Throughout college we were together,  home on breaks,  after college and then even though I moved and we didn’t talk very often, we were in each others thoughts,  especially on our birthdays, which are both in September.

A few years ago I was on a project that took me up north and I got to see CWB and spend time at her house with her family and it was so wonderful,  as if no time has passed,  as it should be.

Today,  we message on Facebook, and keep up with each other,  encouraging,  supporting, laughing. And I know if we get to see each other again,  it would be as I’d no time has passed.

So I wish my dear friend, CWB, the happiest of happy birthdays and many more to come!



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