Peaches Prattlings

{September 4, 2015}   We have a kindergartener!

Today, MGS rode the bus to school!

MGS is five and a big girl now and big girls go to big kid school! So…off she went.

Yesterday she went in yesterday at noon for part of the day, but today, she rode the bus for the first time. Now, she’s an old hat at riding the bus, having ridden the bus over the summer to camp, but this was the bus for school, a whole new ball game.

Ok, I have to tell you a secret, you have to promise not to tell! First, she asked me to help her put her sneakers on, loved that! Happy to help! Then she said “shh…I have a secret” ok, what? “You can’t tell…I’m a little nervous to ride the bus, I’m going to sit with EJS”. I think that sounds like a good plan MGS.

We went outside to take pictures, of course, and some of the neighbors joined us and ACS came back from his day at school to see her get on the bus, that was very cool.

There was a girl from the next block over, her parents, one of the boys from across the street, MGS and EJS, us and COF, another great gathering and send off!

We took pictures, EJS hamming it up for the camera, of course, the kids being goofy, then the bus came from a different direction, huh? The driver is on a new route, change of plans and sides of the street. All the kids piled on MGS’ backpack was almost bigger than her! SO CUTE!!!

Then they were gone and it was business as usual.

Have a great time in kindergarten, so many great things are coming your way!



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