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{September 2, 2015}   It’s the first day of school!

Today was the first day of school and I got to see it!

It was the first day for our THIRD grader! EJS started third grade today! Can you believe it!? You have been with me every step of the way for the past several years and “seen” her grow and what a fabulous person she is becoming! Third grade, this is the big time!

And today, I found out that her second grade teacher called earlier in the week and asked her to come in and help her set up her classroom, what an honor, she was so excited!

Now, it wasn’t just EJS’ first day of school, ACS, as I told you went back to school to get his Masters in Education and today was his first day of school! He is teaching fourth grade, how cool is that. “Hi Mr. S” “Could you explain that again Mr. S” “Mr. S is the best teacher ever!” I wish him all the best for an exciting year!

I got up in time to shower and head out, I was so not up for a walk or run this morning, the extra twenty minutes was heaven! When I walked in the house EJS saw me first and HUGE hugs! Then MGS piled on top! Do I love this or what? ACS was getting ready to head to his first day and GES was getting the girls ready. ACS’ sister in law, AS was there too, the gang’s all here!

About 7:40 we all went outside to take pictures and from across the street, CO’F and MF came out with their dog Bella to take pictures and see EJS get on the bus, EJS took it all in stride.

ACS took off, we waved him down the street and then the bus came and we all waved at EJS as she got on the bus, what a send off!

I have to tell you, this was awesome, I haven’t been able to be here/there for the first day before, so this was such a treat to be with the family, could I be any happier? And…I get to do it all over again on Friday for MGS’ first day!!! oh boy!!!!

Happy First Day of School! I hope everyone has a great year!



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