Peaches Prattlings

{August 28, 2015}   Happy Anniversary GES

My sister is a survivor.

You can’t imagine how much I LOVE saying that!! The image below is the same one on the t-shirt I got her after she became a survivor.

When I say Happy Anniversary GES, it’s the anniversary of her last chemo treatment! The treatment that killed the cancer that tried to kill her, but…let’s face it, we come from a long line of strong, stubborn women, no way was it not going to work!

Happiest of happy anniversaries to one of the strongest, hardest working and hardest fighting women who is an inspiration to all of us, those who are related by blood and by heart. Anyone that meets her is touched by her strength and her perseverance and never failing positive attitude through all of it.

Happy Anniversary GES, I love you.



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