Peaches Prattlings

{August 22, 2015}   What a day!

Sleep…here I come!

The day started normal enough, the cats woke me at 6:30 and I said no thank you and went back to sleep, woken up a few more times, then decided I had had enough and got up. Got showered and dressed and put the door to PSM’s.

I got there and Mollie was super excited to see me, she did donuts around the lawn, a nice welcome, hey cats…take some notes! Then off to The Friendly Toast for a great breakfast at the bar, first come first served. Then back to get the truck and head to Plymouth, Mass. Yes, that is Plymouth, where the Mayflower landed and we have Plymouth Rock! As seen in the photo, not the original thing, but there it was!

We walked through the rain up one street and down the main drag. We stopped for a cup of tea, walked into a few shops, then down towards the water again to the jetty and took that out to the end, it was quite enjoyable.

After Plymouth, we headed to a party hosted by two of PSM’s friends, G&J B. Really great couple and what a house! We also saw a bunch of the friends I have made at the ski house, that was great! We hung for a few hours, got a tour of half of the house. They have school lockers in their laundry room. Maybe the best idea ever!

Well, back towards the house, say hello to Mollie, grab some grub and here we are.

Now that I’m writing what I did, it doesn’t seem as exhausting as it was! I need a nap!



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