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{August 20, 2015}   Retail Therapy…yah or nay?

Yes. Does that tell you everything?

For those of you “not in the know”, retail therapy is when you go shopping, not necessarily for a reason and it makes you feel a little better, hence the word therapy. It’s a good and a bad thing, let me tell you why.

Good…you buy things you want, that you like, maybe things for other people. Bad…you just spent money and in some cases, money you don’t necessarily have. Now, when you say “I did some retail therapy” most people know what you’re talking about and they’re interested in what you got, that helps, sometimes with the guilt, ha ha.

For me, I don’t shop that often, but every once in a while, if the opportunity presents itself, I take it. Marshalls is a big culprit of this, too easy to spend money.

Now, for me, when I do end up having some retail therapy, it’s usually two fold.  I may get something for myself, but I seem to get more gifts than anything. The really great thing about it is that as I buy things now, usually on sale, by the way, when it comes times for the holidays and even some birthdays, I don’t spend any or very little money. Guess who is just the same…GES, guess where we learned it…our mother. My mom had a wicker chest she kept gifts in, GES has a shelving thing in the basement, in my house I had an armoire, in GES’ house, I have a giant Rubbermaid tub.

I completely forgot that I bought stuff after last Christmas in Atlanta and it’s in Atlanta right now! Go me! So, the fact that we shop throughout the year, when the holidays come around, we don’t spend that much money!

The other day, I went and I found two Christmas gifts, I say Christmas because they are for people who celebrate Christmas, not to worry, Chanukah is coming! Yesterday, I had to drop off my laptop at the office downtown and my headache appointment wasn’t until 1pm.

So, what did I do? I walked downstairs and the first door I went into was City Sports. I’m always searching for a good deal, especially on running paraphernalia. I found sports bra I wear and it was deeply discounted! I got two pair of running pants, with an amazing waistband that will not roll or slip, I love them! And I found out that all of their clothing is guaranteed for life!

Then I went to Marshall’s…and it was on. The first thing I looked for  was shoes and I found my running shoes…$150 shoes for ready…$35.99!!!! Mine! Then I found some sweaters, one I can wear to work and did today! I found a new running shirt and socks, but then I got a bunch of Chanukah and Christmas presents! Wahoo!

Today. there was a book fair at the hospital and I cleaned up! Chanukah, Christmas, birthdays, wow, I am so excited about the purchases I’ve made lately. I can’t wait to give everyone their gifts! Is it time yet?



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