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{August 16, 2015}   Happy Birthday SDL!

SDL has a birthday today! OMG!

What can I say about one of my best friends, SDL, who truly is Super Duper! I’ve told you a little about her from time to time, but today is her day, so this blog post is all about her and I’m stoked to be able to tell you about her!

I met SDL back in 1997 or 1998, I know, crazy, right! We met while I was in graduate school taking undergraduate classes and SLD was working on her undergrad degree. We met in an art class at Georgia State University and took several other classes together after that.

Our lives were intertwined over the next, almost two decades! Our friendship has seen so very much, my marriage, my divorce, dating, houses, renovations, loss of our cats, but the best…the search and finally adoption of her amazing daughter, Miss A, I’ve told you about her, once or twice…

We’ve held each other through good times and bad, we’ve cheered each other, got riled up for each other, gone out together, stayed in together, traveled together, but the most important thing, we’ve done them together.

We didn’t stay connected as fiercely as we are today, life happens, gets in the way, but we would invite each other to things here and there, get together, but it wasn’t until somewhere about 2005 that we reconnected and never lost touch after that. We were at a party for a co-worker of hers who was heading to an assignment in London, while I was there to say goodbye to the same person who happened to be the son of one of my neighbors. We saw each other and it was on since that moment!

She is an amazing mother, let me tell you. She wanted to be a mom and went through so much to find Miss A and it was quite the journey, you have no idea, but it’s been amazing and she’s allowed me to be a part of it! To watch her with her daughter is a treat! She is kind, firm, strong, gentle, mush, loving, smart and I love it!

To say she is a great artist would be an understatement. She is magic with a camera, still believes in film, is a master with paint and brush, give her a project and she tackles it and not only succeeds, but excels! Can you imagine the costumes for Halloween?

She is steadfast with friends and family, don’t get in her way or cross her, she takes it to the next level and watch out if you say something about her kid, friends or family, it’s awesome! I’d want her on my side in a fight!

Happy birthday to an amazing woman, sister, daughter who I am lucky to call friend. I love you my friend, live it up, it’s your day!



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