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{August 9, 2015}   The weekend in New Hampshire

A new weekend, new friends, new experiences, new food, what more could you want!

Another eventful, wonderful weekend in New Hampshire, sounds pretty good, huh? I got lucky and had the weekend off, so I got to take advantage of the opportunity and join PSM up at the house in New Hampshire. We headed up Friday evening, I got back to the hotel from the hospital, remember…I am working at a hospital, I’m fine! about 30 minutes before PSM and Mollie picked me up and away we went.

We didn’t hit too much traffic, it was good, and unusual! Could be because it was close to 8pm. We got to the house about 10:30, settled in and relaxed, then conked out about one am, luckily I was able to fall back asleep after the alarm went off at 5:30am! PSM was not so lucky, poor guy! We finally got motivated and decided to walk into town to get some breakfast. It was a really nice walk, about 2.5 miles and it was off the beaten path, so to speak. We walked through the neighborhood, then the next, came out of there, crossed the street and walked on the path that was created behind the trees, off the street, then across the street, same thing, until we got to the street, about a quarter mile from our destination. It was a good walk for Mollie too.

After a great breakfast, we waited while the other families showed up, we decided to wait for them at the restaurant, easy to find. The first family, J&AH and their kids, C and B, every sweet kids and great family. Next was C&CV with their kids, O and E. E and C are the boys and were so excited to see each other, the girls were just as excited to see each other. After a nice reunion, we all piled into the two cars and headed back to the house.

M&K and their son JT were the last to arrive, another nice reunion, then everyone figured out where they were going to sleep, kids in one room, parents in other rooms, the kids were excited, there are bunk beds, what kid isn’t excited! All of these people have known PSM for a very long time and they are all part of the group who call him Boo. Even the kids!

That is frustrating sometimes…I call his name a bunch of times, but then I say “Boo!” and he hears me, geesh!

After everyone settled in, we headed out for a hike to a trail less than a mile from the house. All the kids piled in the back with Mollie and away we went. We hiked/walked for about a mile and a half, maybe two, possibly, came to a spot where we could go in the water. Lots of rocks and deeper pockets for swimming, the kids had a blast! Swimming, jumping a bit, skimming stones. Then it was back to the path to head back to the house, perfect timing so we could shower, have some snacks and then head to dinner, reservations at 7:30, there were 13 of us!

On the way back is when I twisted my ankle, fun…One of the kids gave me their walking stick, very sweet. We all piled back into the truck and headed back to the house, chilled out, wine and cheese, beers, special concoctions made by our two resident bartenders, AH and KS, I did not partake, but everyone seemed to like it.

The sad part was that C&C got a call that one of their dogs had gotten out and mom had to go because the dog would not come to anyone except her, we were all bummed out. 5:30 this morning we got the news that the puppy was home! Wahoo!

Off to dinner, all piled into the two vehicles again, apparently we were the kid mobile, they are so funny! Dinner was good, good food, conversation and company, then off to get some ice cream, well, most of the party had ice cream, yours truly and PSM were good and skipped. After everyone was happy with dessert, back to the house.

Right to jammies, brushing teeth and movies while the kids fall asleep, one even on the floor, he was so tired!

The rest of us huddled around the table and put in $20, thanks to PSM for covering me, and got down to playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Yup, yours truly included! I held my own for a while and as we neared 2:30am, I starting betting pretty hard, I was winding down and getting tired, I still needed to write to you, of course! I did this in between rounds. Finally about 2:45, we all cashed in and split the money, oh, I was the banker! It was kind of cool having that much cash in my pocket!

We all cleaned up and headed to bed, crashing out pretty quickly and slept until about 8:30am, it was lovely! No alarms!

Tired yet?

This morning, we all got motivated, sort of, and everyone decided they wanted breakfast from the same place PSM and I ate at yesterday and Dunkin’ Donuts, so orders were placed and away the guys went. We took showers, packed bags, stripped beds, threw towels and sheets in the washer and all cleaned the house, people were coming in about 5pm for the week.

The cutest thing, at one point this morning, all five kids were sitting on the sofa playing on their devices, but all the same game, they were in the same Minecraft world. AH laughed and said that they came all the way to the mountains to play games together!

After the house was cleaned and everyone was packed, all the families went to take the gondola up the mountain like we did a few weeks ago with GES and family. PSM and I headed to the craft fair happening in town, it was great! I got some Chanukah, Christmas and birthday shopping done! I am thinking I may go online to find some of these vendors, I want more! Not to worry, I did pick up a little something for myself and…one of the vendors found out I was buying gifts, gave me one of her products for free, how cool is that!

Then we got some lunch, headed out for home, PSM dropped me off at my hotel, I picked up the car and headed to GES and ACS’ house for dinner with the F family across the street. Grilling out, burgers, dogs, corn, the works, it was great! MGS even gets excited seeing PSM, running and jumping up for hugs, I love to see that, I know her parents do too! She was excited to see Mollie too!

After good food, friends, conversation, it was time to come back to the hotel to hang with the cats, unpack, get ready for the week and talk to you.

I am sure you are tired, I am, and you just read about my weekend! How was yours?

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