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{August 3, 2015}   Happy Birthday JCT

Happy birthday to my friend JCT.

JCT and I met in October 2009. I remember because that was the first well paying job I got after my divorce and it was the beginning of so much including a fabulous and true friendship. JCT and I met, started talking and we hit it off right away, within a day or two, she even gave me a piece of Star Wars memorabilia, how cool is that?

JCT is married to a great guy named JT and their daughter ST is a fabulous girl who is blossoming into a wonderful young woman. Her mom, who I affectionately call mom and brother, GT are wonderful people who haveĀ treated me so well and made me a part of their family, I love when I go to Atlanta and get to see them. The last time I was there, when we were saying good night her mom said “I love you girl”, that made me feel fabulous and loved, it was great.

JCT and I talk about once a week or every other week, we catch up, talk about work, commiserate and share joys, achievements, family news, whatever we can think of. The great thing is that when we talk it’s as if no time has passed, like we saw each other the day before.

I love seeing her, we have a kind of tradition if I am going to stay at her house for part of the weekend. I land, go to one of our favorite places, pick up food, then head to her house where I don’t eat half of it because her mom feeds me! Who’s complaining!

We watch movies, talk, laugh, goof off, giggle, stay up too late and enjoy the time we have together.

She is a confident, a sister, a friend, all rolled up into one and I wouldn’t have her any other way! Today, we celebrate the day she was born and what a day it was!

Don’t ask about the unicorns, it’s more her daughter’s thing, but I still think of her every time I see them!

Happy happy happy birthday JCT, I love you my friend! XOXO

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