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{August 1, 2015}   Attending the theater…as a short person

Doable, but not the easiest thing in the world, not going to stop us!

Things are different when you’re of short stature, you can’t reach certain things, can’t see over certain things. And no, I do not need to sit on a phone book when I drive!

Today, GES and I were with dad and LaLa at a Broadway show, I’ll tell you all about the weekend tomorrow, it’s been awesome so far! The first show we went to, yes I said the first show, we were in the very top row of the balcony, we could see everything except if the actors were at the very edge of the stage, a fabulous view and if there was something we couldn’t see, we could always stand up, how cool is that!

The not so cool thing…the woman in front of me and the woman in front of GES spent most of the show leaned over, towards the stage. Really? So, did we see the show? Most of it, as long as we stayed leaning to one side or the other. When the action was towards the back of the stage, what was towards the front of the stage, not so much, but overall, it was still a fabulous show, the music was terrific, the choreography, the lyrics, the acting, top notch, the woman blocking the view…not so much.

Then we go to the second show, had amazing orchestra seats and the people in front of us were tall to begin with, how do you think it went sitting? Luckily, the seat one over and in front of me was empty, so I could see if I leaned to the left and GES was able to get comfortable sitting on her foot, crossing her leg. It all worked out fine.

Being short, you learn to adapt and accommodate and after that, a piece of cake.



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