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{July 30, 2015}   Happy 6 months…and I’m happy

Six months, but with all good relationships, it feels like a minute and it feels like a lifetime, it’s a good thing.

Who knew, way back when, well, January, that when AT and GES decided to introduce us we would hit it off as well as we did. I know part of it was, ooh, JJ’s single, PSM’s single, maybe they’ll get a long…and they were right, oh boy they were right.

We exchanged emails for about a week and he asked me on a date, I said yes, how could I not? In one of the earlier emails, he came up with a list of six things to do. The first one we chose was to go to a pub, so we went. Then after a while, we were thinking about the list, so we decided that every six months, we do something on the list, I like that idea.

Tonight, we were going to go to China Town, but the traffic was tragic, so we decided on Fanueil Hall,, a very cool place with lots of history and charm. We decided on Ned Devine’s Irish Pub and had a great meal with good company and good food, good until the sky opened, then we went inside, still good. It’s all about the company.

I’ve told you about some of the great things we’ve done, there are still private things I don’t share, they’re private! He’s a great guy and I am a very happy girl in a great relationship with a great and happy boy.

Happy 6 months, looking forward to the next six and the next and the next…

JENNIFERSTOY - WIN_20150730_232822


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