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{July 28, 2015}   In person!

I was going to title the post “Fantasy vs. Reality”, but that would be weird and wrong.

Tonight, I had a great double date of sorts…PM and his wife, PSM and I. I got to meet PM’s wife, AM! When he asked if I was available for dinner tonight and then told me AM would be joining us, I was stoked! I immediately texted PSM to see if he was available! He wasn’t at first, but the stars seemed to align and he was available.

So…my title is “Office Spouse meets Real Spouse”. It was really cool! As you know, PM and I have worked together on four projects, almost two years and you get to know someone really well when you travel together and go to dinner together. I’ve told you he’s my work spouse. Well, during dinners, we talk about family and life and I learn all about his wife and children, I’ve seen photos, but we’ve never gotten to meet or talk and tonight we were able to!

It was great, she is charming and funny and caring and crazy about her hubby, as she should be. As soon as we saw each other, I asked “Are you a hugger?” And she was! We talked about family, travel, work and a few times, when PM and I talked about work, PSM and AM paired off and talked to each other about other things, then we came back to the conversation.

We left each other hoping to see each other again, maybe even get a chance to set up a play date with their kids and my nieces.  The best part is putting a face with a name.

A great evening and a new friend!


I just thought this was funny!


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