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{July 3, 2015}   The things you overhear

Sometimes, it’s just hard not to listen.

We’ve all been in this situation…you’re out somewhere in public and people are talking loud enough for you to hear and you start listening, you just can’t help it. If they wanted their conversation to be truly private, they should whisper or have it somewhere else!

Sometimes it’s a fun conversation, sometimes…not so much. This morning, PSM and I were having breakfast and there was some turmoil going on in the kitchen, big open window into the kitchen, someone was having a bad day! At lunch, the women at the table next to us started talking about needing mani’s and Pedi’s and the pros and cons of gel polish, I could have given them my two cents!

Tonight, we were having dinner at a pub and there were very few people there with us. Two tables back were a pair of guys having a drink and talking. First, it was about the Marvel Universe, how it’s changing and how it needs to, then Stan Lee, then the merits of X-Men, finishing up with building a bar in the basement and friends would come over. I’m sure they would!

I love people watching, I know people are doing it to me and I’m ok with that!

What did you happen to hear tonight?

Eavesdrop date

Eavesdrop date

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