Peaches Prattlings

{July 2, 2015}   I got us here, by gosh by golly! To


Ok, so, have I told you about my led foot? Well, today I used it and we got here!

I’m not going to tell you where we were going, I’ll give you the full rundown on Sunday, but what I will tell you is that I pushed the speed limit where I could! And paid off, by gosh, by golly! I know, strong words!

I truly underestimated the Boston traffic on a holiday weekend! I went to GES’ house to pick up Annie, the beetle bug, back to the hotel to pick up PSM, a trip which should have taken 40 minutes…at the most…took just at TWO hours!

We booked it out of there and got on the road, we had to be at our destination by 6:45at the latest, or so the guy said when we called!

Let’s just say I channeled my mom, EMS,  a touch… I didn’t break any sound barriers, but…

Did we make it by 6:43? You bet your sweet bippy we did!  This is my birthday present for my beau, we were not missing it!

More to come!

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