Peaches Prattlings

{July 1, 2015}   They’re making a run for it!

The cats are heading for the border!

HH came to my hotel room today to drop something off and as she was leaving, the door was open and as we’re talking, all of a sudden, we see two little furry blurs run by!

Jymy and Peanut have escaped!

First they went to the left down the hall, they headed back towards the room, but no, down the hall towards freedom! We couldn’t help but watch and laugh! I kept thinking and I said once “I really should be filming this”, all we did was stare and laugh!

I closed the door a bit and Peanut said, ‘oh no, let me in!’, Jymy, on the other hand went back in the other direction and started crying! When I went to get her, I knew why she was standing there crying…I smelled chicken soup!  I scooped her up and in she went!

Adventure had and now it’s time for a nap! The life of a cat…

cats running

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