Peaches Prattlings

{June 23, 2015}   I have a party nail!

Ok, first, did you even know what a party nail was? I didn’t have a clue what that was until today!

A few days ago CH and I decided we were going to go and get manis this week and we thought it would be fun to invite everyone else and guess what…we had 7 tonight to get pampered! But…CH had work to do so she couldn’t go! Next week, pedis for me, mani for CH, sounds good to me!

So, after our meeting we all carpooled and headed to our appointment. We all got manicures, so that was easy. Two at each table and it was fun picking out colors, what to get, what to get! I went with deep blue, love it!

While we are siting there, HH starts talking about getting a party nail…what? a party nail? Yupper! A party nail is when you paint all but one nail on each hand one color and do something special with one finger, she also informed me it was to be the ring finger, ok, sounds good. Then I asked her to pick out an accent color or something to be my party nail, and pick she did!

So, all my fingers got the dark blue and the ring finger on each hand is accented with gold and I have to say, I like it! I usually do fun stuff on my toes, big toes specifically.Thanks HH for the party nail idea!

What a great time we had! We talked, caught up, got to know each other better, got a little pampered, what more could you want?

Today, instead of a spring in my step, I have a little sparkle in my wave.


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