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{June 18, 2015}   Hap hap happy birthday CKM

Today is a very special birthday!

My friend CKM celebrated her birthday today! This is the first time in a few years we aren’t getting to celebrate together, feels weird…we’ve done some great things on her birthday!

Thirty three, it was a three day celebration, dinners and an outdoor concert. One year we went to Savannah for the weekend and got sunburned on the beach, so worth it! Last year, I was able to fly her to Ann Arbor for the weekend and we had a blast! We went to some new restaurants and some favorites that I had discovered by then, a lot of talking and laughing and just a good time.

CKM is such a fabulous person, we’ve known each other for a long time, almost 9 years, I think, she’s so much better with dates, she always tells me what I’m doing when! I always said that if I hit the big money lottery I would hire her as my event planner and keeper of my calendar, she would be paid very well for that! [Oh, there are a whole slew of people we figured out who I would hire to do what!]

She is a master at event planning, she’s helped coordinate and run a few major festivals in Atlanta, huge successes there, she has had three to four jobs at any given moment and has a really hard time saying no! One of her current jobs is event coordinator [and I’ve probably got the title wrong, but queen bee of everything was taken] at one of Miss A’s schools.

Don’t get me started on her photography, it’s fabulous! She has such an eye for detail, colors, placement and all that other stuff you need to do to be a great photog! I’ve bought some of her stuff and given it as gifts, one had been hanging in a gallery and it went to my dad for Chanukah. I remember when I bought a bunch of her packs of note cards to give as gifts one Christmas/Chanukah and she said “You had better not be giving me my own notecards as a gift!” ha ha…

Speaking of gifts, whenever she gives a gift, it’s a treat, she really thinks about what she’s giving to that person and we have exchanged some awesome gifts, even contributing to my bag obsession, but if they were the gift bag, then it doesn’t count!

We’ve done some amazing things together, taken some fun trips, I’m still waiting to hit the big money, I promised to take her to Italy to see Andre Bocelli! She’s one of the few people who will actually do some fun runs with me, and by fun runs, I mean mud runs! We’ve done the Dirty Girl twice, had a blast! I might still be getting mud out of my clothes! We’ve done The Color Run at Atlanta Motor Speedway, The Electric Run at Atlanta Motor Speedway, that one we got to go on the track! We even did the Anything is Possible! That started at 2am when the clocks changed, so we finished before we started!

She is also a steadfast volunteer, remember when I said she doesn’t know how to say no? We have volunteered together at Race Expos, giving out race bibs or at the start of the Peachtree Road Race with the elite runners. We volunteered for 5 years in a row together, we have the pins to prove it! And we’ve participated in the Peachtree Road Race together six years in a row, this will be the first year we don’t do either together and I’m definitely going to miss it! Especially the shopping! We always spend time walking around the expo buying cute running skirts and dresses and all sorts of stuff, we always have a good time!

Speaking of cute running skirts, she is a fashionista if I ever met one! Everything is coordinated! I like to wake up and show up, not this girl! Even when she’s dressed down, she looks put together, it’s always quite impressive and I would love to shop in her closet some day, of course, even if I did, I wouldn’t come out looking that good! I have solicited her opinion on more than one occasion and now you know why I look so fabulous! sometimes…

CKM is a fantastic daughter! She and her mom will have girls weekends a few times a year, sometimes her mom comes to Atlanta, but most times, she goes to see her mom in NC and those are fun times, they hang out, eat, shop, do girl stuff and mother and daughter stuff. Her mom got remarried a few years ago and it was so much fun listening to the stories of CKM getting to know the new guy in her mom’s life and how quickly they became a family unit. I love seeing the pictures of their weekends, I always wish I could be there!

So, you know she’s a great event planner, volunteer, photographer and daughter, she’s also a great friend. She is someone who is there for you when you need her, no questions asked and will drop everything if you need her. She has sage and sound advice and will ask for advice when she needs it. She’s fun to go to the movies with, or not go! One time she was at a laundr-o-mat and while the loads were in, we sat in my car and watched movies on my iPad!

We’ve had sleep overs, no sleep sleep overs, road trips, mani/pedi days, we are horrible shoppers, we keep buying stuff, but it’s almost always on sale! There are times we could get on the phone and talk for five minutes, but then there are times we talk for five hours! When we would go out, we’d talk and chat and do whatever and then when it was time to get in our cars…talk for another hour, freezing or having to go potty! Never running out of things to say!

Ok, I could go on and on and on…but I want to post this before her birthday is over.

Happy happy happy birthday CKM, many many many more happy returns. You are most loved, by everyone who knows you and mostly, me!

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