Peaches Prattlings

{June 16, 2015}   Girls night in…it’s theraputic!


Today was a little better than yesterday, I am going to admit it, I’m having a wee bit of a pity party, no you are not invited because it’s a party for one, I love this clip from The Muppet Movie, 2011, “Me Party” much happier than I am feeling,, but I digress.

I think everyone is allowed to have a pity party, if something goes wrong, stew for a while and then get over it, move forward and be done with it, I’m not quite there, and I’m ok with it. I do want you to know that I am not letting on, I’ve only told a few people who I confide in and then it will be over, but I’m allowed!

The thank you is to my friends and family who were concerned and asked me what happened and what can they do to help and those who just kept me company, made me laugh and forget all my problems, at least for a moment.

Tonight was great, a lot of things happened after work, but there were some cool things that happened at work…I learned something new, pretty stoked about that, well, two new things, really cool! And later, I got a really nice email thanking me for my hard work, positive attitude and adaptability, it was so unexpected and it made me feel so good, thank you!

After work, I went for a walk around the property with CH, we talked, caught up, let loose, laughed and got things out that we wanted to talk about without fear of reprisal, it feels great to have friends like that you work with!

Then, HH came down to my room and watched a movie! We had been talking about The Breakfast Club earlier today and then I realized I had a copy and left it for her at the front desk. We decided to watch it together, but then I realized, after she got to my room, that I don’t have a blue ray player! Oh no! So what were we to do? Turns out I had a dvd of Mamma Mia! So we watched and promised not to get offended by each other when we sang along! because who doesn’t love ABBA!!! Don’t answer that!

Today was not bad, but turned into pretty good with a Girls Night In! I haven’t been able to do that with my girl friends in a really long time and I miss them, this was so much fun! Thanks HH, when’s the next one!?


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