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{June 13, 2015}   What a day! It started with a party, ended with a sleepover!

What a day, what a day, what a day!

I told you that GES turned 40 this past week and it has been a week of celebrations continuing today! Up early, off to Costco to pick up cake, burgers and beer, yesterday was hotdogs and buns.

Back at the house, finish setting up, blocking off the street and getting ready for the throngs of people to arrive and arrive they did. There were over 100 yes responses and if we didn’t have 100 people, I’d be surprised! There were neighbors and friends, young and old, there to celebrate my fabulous sister! Even one of her college roommates was there with her family! So great to see NM, her two daughters and her beau.

AS was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, she made a food truck, without the truck! Everyone was happier than happy! There were crab salad sandwiches, sausages, chicken and so much more! Everything cooked to order! Outside on the grill, ACS was cooking up dogs and burgers, not to mention veggie burgers for the non meat-eaters in the crowd.

Everyone brought something to share as always. We had great salads, both veggie and fruit and some a mix of both, there were desserts and a cake to share, fabulous! After things died down, we read some toasts to GES, I read my blog, it seemed to be a hit, dad was awesome as always, LaLa and ACS and some others, a fabulous tribute to a fabulous woman!

After the shindig, I got in the car, picked up EJS from a softball game she was watching and we headed to Lexington to meet PSM for dinner at a Chinese restaurant, then back to the hotel, into the pool, back to the room for showers and now we’re sitting in bed on our very first sleepover! EJS asked me this morning if she could come and spend the night with me at the hotel! My very first auntie-niece sleepover! I have been waiting for this for a very long time!

The cats are so happy to see her, Jymy is curled up next to her! I’m so excited she wanted a sleepover, I can’t wait for the next one!!! I hope breakfast is good, she’s been asking me about it all night!

What a day, I am going to fall asleep with a smile on my face, I hope you do too!



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