Peaches Prattlings

{June 6, 2015}   Driving a hybrid

This weekend I am driving a Toyota Prius.

I’ve driven hybrids before but this one was different. Is very quiet, sometimes you don’t realize if the car is on.  You start the car by putting your foot on the break and pushing the button,  again,  so quiet, you don’t know of its on,  you have to look at the dash to see if it says “Ready”, then use the shifter to put it in gear.

The dash is cool,  you can change the display to show you what the output is,  an internal view of what’s going on,  there are hand controls on the steering wheel that when you touch them,  to control the temperature or radio,  show on the dash.

You can control the a/c from 30 feet away, I need to try that!  Check out their page,  it’s interesting all the things involved with the creating and running of the car.

The car has been fun to drive,  roomy,  good pickup, quiet,  a little dangerous because the pick up is so good and it’s quiet, you get up there in speed without realizing it, dangerous for me, for those of you who you know me!

The gas mileage is terrific,  good sound system,  good cargo space,  passenger space. All around a good car.

It’s great for the environment, and I’m not saying I want a Prius, but if VW came out with a hybrid beetle bug,  I’d be the first one in line to test drive it!


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