Peaches Prattlings

{May 31, 2015}   We did our first 5k together!

Today we had another first.

PSM and I did our first 5k together! You know I’ve been doing 5ks for a while and I have done a few with friends, The Color Run I did with SDL, Miss A, CKM and CTS, much more fun when with friends!

You also know that I normally do about 2-3 a month, well, this year, so far, I’ve only done 4 total, before this, 3 in January and the one miler in May, so I was very excited for this opportunity to do another one and with PSM, no less!

I asked him about doing this about two months ago when I decided to sign up and he was up for it, not sure about the powdered paint, but he said, let’s do it!

So, this morning, he picked me up and away we went to Gillette Stadium, home of the NE Patriots and the NE Revolution! We got there in plenty of time to wait on line for 30 minutes to pick up our races packets. I know I normally post pictures of everything I get in the race packet, but since I didn’t get to pick it up early, it’s now all covered with paint!

There were 7,500 participants we were running with today, a wee bit crowded, but fun. Our paces are very different, so I ran while he walked, eventually, we just did a brisk pace, got covered in some paint, I even laid down in it once to get a picture or two!

At the last color, orange, PSM wanted to run and off he went, lookin’ good! All his hard work has been paying off! I’m a bit biased, but I am very proud of him! I did the same thing, but at a much slower pace, maybe one day I can catch up!

The best parts: We finished! We didn’t finish last! We participated, started and finished together! He wants to do another one together! Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get him to sign up for a mud run! Stop me, I’m on a runner’s high!

May your day be as colorful as ours was!


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