Peaches Prattlings

{May 28, 2015}   Did it actually work or was it the power of suggestion?

Do you ever wonder if some things actually work because they do or because of the power of suggestion.

Let’s see…first, the photo is of the first two pieces of jewelry that PSM bought for me. They represent Ohm, which is, by one definition, “The all encompassing vibration of the universe.”

It is also the symbol for Namaste “The divine in me honors the divine in you”, a respectful greeting and a welcoming gesture.

Bottom line, with “Ohm” you may know it from seeing people sitting cross legged with their hands on their knees middle finger tip to thumb, eyes closed, reflective and uttering “ohm”.

Now, on to my post. The idea of Namaste or Ohm is peaceful, reflective, bringing inner peace. The new project I am on has been interesting, to say the least, and like with all jobs, there are points of high tension and frustration and there was a moment yesterday that it was all around and I was afraid I was getting swept up into it.

I took a moment, remembered the necklaces in my bag, because I always travel with them, and decided to put the round one on, for a few reasons. I felt like I wanted a little extra something and then I thought, well, maybe it will have a peaceful and calming effect and guess what…it did!

After I put it on, I took a step back, a deep breath and realized there’s no point getting too excited about whatever it was and slowly, I felt a little calmer and eventually I was laughing about something. So, not wanting to tempt fate, I wore it again today.

So…was it the item, the symbolism or the power of suggestion? Does it matter? Do I care?

My answers…Don’t know. Nope and Nope.


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