Peaches Prattlings

{May 27, 2015}   Hope…Hold On, Pain Ends

Is that not THE best saying? HOPE…Hold On, Pain Ends! I love it!

This is what I am sending to my friends, hope.

I told you I have a friend who got some news that they shared with me yesterday. Well, today I got to talk to them and hear their voice and once I did that, I let out my breath. When I finally talked to this friend tonight, I felt better.

Please don’t misunderstand, I do not have any misconceptions that this is about me at all, and it shouldn’t be, but I am sharing my feelings with you, my friends. Don’t you have that feeling when you hear about a friend or loved one, sometimes one in the same, and until you see them in person or hear their voice, you can’t concentrate, can’t breathe? I felt that way with my sister and when I learn a friend is going through something and today, I took a breath.

When I got to talk to my friend, we talked about what’s going on and what did they need from me. Support…you got it! You know you have it, whatever you need! We will beat this thing together! [No, we are not Bob the Builder!]

Now, I am sending HOPE and love and good vibes and love and hope and whatever else I can to another friend to for what they are about to go through tomorrow. This is something that they need and amazingly enough there is a family member who is able to give them what they need.

I know it’s frustrating that you don’t know what or who I’m talking about, but I think it’s important to keep their private lives private, that they tell their own stories.

I’ve known about this friend and what they are going through for a while and I value the updates I get and when I get to hear their voice, I hear hope and encouragement and faith and that is amazing. This friend will beat it and I look forward to seeing them soon so I can give them a hug and let out a breath, know what I mean?

So, to my two very special friends, I send you love, hugs, encouragement, support and H O P E!


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