Peaches Prattlings

{May 26, 2015}   Loss for words

I received some news tonight and I’m sad.

The really sad part of it all is that the text was sent at 3pm today and I didn’t get it until almost 10pm tonight.

A very close friend of mine has been going through something lately, they have been keeping me in the loop on what’s being going on, frustrations, highs and lows. I know that there is plenty that they haven’t shared, that is their business.

They have gone to doctors to find out what’s been bothering them and today, they finally got news. This news they shared with me earlier and I haven’t been able to reach them to talk to them, find out how they are, I called to let them know I am here, I love them and will do whatever they need and that is what I want them to know.

Please send your good and positive thoughts and vibes to this person, send it into the cosmos and I know it will do wonders.

My friend…I am here and I love you.


Katie Wooden says:

You are loved & so is your friend


Sent from my iPhone


Thank you Katie. You are very loved right back! XOXO

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