Peaches Prattlings

{May 23, 2015}   NE Revolutions vs DC United

Tonight we went to a futbal match, the NE Revolutions vs DC United.

GES and ACS we going with some friends and their kids to the NE Revolutions match and asked if we wanted to go,  there was tailgating involved.

As PSM is a Patriots season ticket holder,  he is no stranger to tailgating at Gilette Stadium. This was a first for me.

We got there and they were already set up and under way with digging in to some good food…burgers,  hot dogs,  sides and dessert.

There was toss and corn hole and laughing and catching up. Then it was time to go in and watch a futbal match.

We got to our seats and settled in and waited for the match to start.  The match was slow going, but picked up in the second half and then it got really good.

The kids had a good time,  the adults had a good time. ACS played futbal in school and still plays on occasion. EJS is playing and ACS coaches her team,  GES and I both played against our dad’s teams when he coached.

It was fun to watch the match with the family, PSM and friends and after…fireworks!

I’d say a great evening!






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