Peaches Prattlings

{May 17, 2015}   We have a FIVE year old in the house!

Someone…turned FIVE today!

Little Miss MGS turned 5 on May 16th, how perfect is that to have your birthday on a Saturday so you can have your birthday party on Saturday!

Any guesses to what the theme was? Hmmm…Frozen maybe? That girl LOVES her Frozen…well, everything! We had Frozen streamers, table cloths, table decorations and there were Frozen gifts for miles! Nope, not a Frozen cake, she picked out something very original, a really pretty white sheet cake with blue and yellow flowers and a Jewish star, that’s what she wanted and that’s what she got!

We set up for the party, it rained in the morning and we were worried it might rain all day, but I told someone that Mother Nature knew that Miss MGS would not stand for rain on her birthday and she was right!

People started arriving about 11 and they just kept coming, there might have been about 60 people here throughout the day, adults and kids included. The neighbors came, a few friends from school came, the usual suspects were here and the bouncey house, they love that!

ACS grilled the hot dogs and hamburgers, and a veggie burger or two, we had the 3 side snack that MGS had picked out, pretzel chips, cheese doodles and veggie sticks, pretty good choices, if I do say so myself. We had pickles and three different potato salads and deviled eggs, both made by AS and for dessert, there was cake, waffle cookies, popsicles and watermelon. No one walked away hungry.

I got to love on all the kids, there were some great “Auntie J!” and running and jumping in my arms, which I will tell you is my favorite part! Then there was chasing and tickling and falling down, sometimes not in that order!

Then…it was time for the Frozen piñata!!! MGS went first, she got 5 whacks, because it is her fifth birthday, after all! Then everyone got a turn with the bat and the last thing to happen was MGS pulled the ribbons and the candy came pouring out!

Now, my very clever sister had gotten Frozen treat bags and everyone had stickers and other Frozen goodies in there, but then they got to put candy in their bags, they cleaned up! Literally and figuratively!

By about 3pm, almost everyone was gone, a few stragglers, then Saturday proceeded as normal.

Let’s just say, this was a very successful party, put on by my sister and brother-in-law, but we expect nothing less and when I got back to the house tonight and went to kiss MGS goodnight, she was sleeping sideways, SO cute!

Happy, happy, happy fifth birthday MGS! I love you very much!


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