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{May 15, 2015}   A graduate! So proud of my friend!

Today I had a very enjoyable and exciting experience.

Today, I attended the college graduation of a very dear friend! SERH or SRH as you’ve heard me talk about before, but today, all her initials were in the program, started college oh so many years ago and for her own reasons did not finish, but…a few years ago I remember talking to her about going back to school to get her degree and I thought it was a fabulous idea and encouraged her any way I could that she needed.

And that’s just what she did, enrolled in Rider College in New Jersey to finish what she started and get her degree, Bachelor of Arts.

I loved seeing her posts on Facebook about her highs and successes in school with her classes, her excitement about the upcoming semesters, her nervousness at a new class, an exam, a new chapter in her life.

Today was the day she was working towards, what it was all for, graduation!

SERH had asked me when she found out when the graduation date was if I could come and I told her that depending on my work schedule, I would do my best and it worked out! As you know, I ended my last project on Friday and I’ve been in Boston this week, so yesterday, I got in the beetle bug and drove to dad’s, we had a great day yesterday and then this afternoon, I headed to Rider University to watch my friend cross the stage to receive her diploma.

It was fantastic! After graduation, we went to dinner with EL, his brother and sister-in-law at a vey nice restaurant, we talked, caught up, laughed and had a great time celebrating a wonderful girl and accomplishment!

Way to go SERH! You did it!




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