Peaches Prattlings

{May 13, 2015}   A drive and a great and relaxing visit

Today was a pretty easy day.

Got up leisurely about 6:30am, always nice to wake up on your own, both cats were with me, which is always a treat. Made a great breakfast sandwich, yum, then hung out with EJS while she waited for the school bus, took a shower, packed up the rest of the stuff I would need and headed downstairs.

Before I headed out, I made the most fabulous shake [frozen cherries, frozen pineapple and almond milk, oh my! YUM!] it kept me going on the trip. Got into my previously clean car, had it washed yesterday and the pollen found it last night, oh well, it’s Spring.

I hit the road for NYC to go to dad’s, I’m in a convertible and due to my allergies, top up, boo. The trip was uneventful, I only stopped once to fill up the tank and two more times for relief. Got to dad’s in about 4.5 hours, just like Google Maps said I would.

We went out for a late lunch, then went down to the boardwalk to sit by the water and talk, then off to Verizon because, go figure, something was wrong with my phone, but it was a nice drive around the Island of Staten, then we decided instead of going to the movies, we found some stuff on Netflix, made some popcorn and chilled out.

A perfect end to a good day.


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