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{April 19, 2015}   Ah…The wonder of playing in the water

I don’t know about you, but I love water, just about everything to do with water.

Now, when it comes to water playgrounds and water features and slides, my nieces are champs at them! They absolutely la la la love playing in the water, try getting them out of a fun bath time!

But put them in a kids pool with a water feature and slide and they are in heaven! They know where they are going, what they want to do and are so excited after they try something new and love it. At first, they are trepidatious, but once they do it, they know it and want to do it over and over and over and over and sometimes you are required to go with them and try it and some times, you just have to watch so they can show you how awesome they are at it!

Today, we went on a rapid river tube ride that I have been on many times and it’s not too rough, so we thought the girls could go with us. PSM and I got in one double tube and GES and EJS got into another and away we went. We, of course, had a blast and EJS, who we were concerned about, LOVED it! “Again! Again!” Should we see if ACS and MGS want to do this? We came around the bend and who did we see? ACS and MGS getting into a tube!

Did they have fun? You bet your bippy! Just before the rapids, MGS got into my tube and the boys went on their own and she had the best time! So good that when we got to the end…”Again! Again!” And again we went!

Those girls have so much fun and it’s such a fabulous thing to see and watch and experience and enjoy and I am so privileged that I get to share the experience with them!

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