Peaches Prattlings

{April 18, 2015}   When people get loopy…

The jokes keep coming and coming and coming and quite possibly, they may get worse, but do you care? No! And why not? Because you encourage them and participate!

Tonight, the family was at a seafood restaurant we had conch fritters and PSM had grilled conch. All of a sudden dad says something using the word conch, then ACS says something and it goes downhill from there.

“I used to play a video game, Donkey Conch”

“Truth or Conchequences”

“There was that movie about the big ape, King Conch”

I am now sitting here realizing I can’t remember a single other conch parody and we were going on for a long time. I have to admit, that while there were a few that were totally dorky and a stretch, the majority of them were conghtagious! [see…a stretch!]

So, help me out, give me a few new ones!

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