Peaches Prattlings

{April 10, 2015}   There is a Five Year Old among us!

Miss A is a bonafide FIVE year old!

Where did the time go? She was 9 months old when SDL brought her home, I got to meet her right off the plane, with her Momom and Popop, what an amazing time that was! I still remember the day SDL sent me a picture, “Hey Auntie G, want to see a picture of your niece?” I about fell on the floor and I was tearing up, what a doll baby! Nothing has changed!

I am in Atlanta this weekend because it’s Miss A’s birthday. I made a promise, like I did to MGS and EJS, that no matter what, I would be here for her birthday, either on her birthday or the birthday weekend, depending on work, but I’ll be here and yesterday I flew in and didn’t know I was going to get to see her before she went to bed and we hung out until almost midnight! What a party animal she is!

She is a fabulous, precocious, amazing five year old and every time I see her, I am amazed by something new! I love our one-on-one times, just SDL, Miss A and me, there is nothing like it! Tonight, we went to dinner and when we got home, I got to do bath time, brushing her teeth and getting her dressed for night night, this is a big deal!

Every time I see her, she has learned something new, is doing something else on her own or better than the last time, she just amazes me, did I already tell you that?

So, here I am, for the birthday weekend and I am loving every minute of it! I can’t wait to see what year number five holds!

This video cracks me up and you will be seeing it again in a few weeks when someone else turns five!

Happy Birthday Miss A! I love you very much! Auntie G XOXO


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