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{March 31, 2015}   Dinner with the Team vs Team Dinners

It may not seem it,  but there is a difference and this project reinforced it for me.

Dinner with the team is without really talking about it, the entire team goes to dinner, everyone takes turns deciding where the group will go to dinner, maybe everyone comes up with a list to try or one person says “ooh, what about here?” As well as when they will go, a lot of times you are all working together and decide when you’re done for the day, “ok, who’s ready to go?”

This group might even send a meeting invite for dinner, location TBD, but with an agreed upon time, it kind of sets an expectation of ‘we are so getting out of the office by …’ The main point is, you are going to dinner as a team and everyone knows it. That’s the way it’s been with the team I am working with now and I love it.

A team dinner is when there is an occasion or maybe it’s a once a month thing and someone organizes it, sends out the invite and everyone goes to dinner and socializes and has dinner and, I find, talk mostly about work. Not that you don’t talk about work at dinners with the team, it just doesn’t seem to be as much.

I enjoy team dinners because it gives you the opportunity to catch up with some people you might not get to see on a daily basis, but I’ll be honest, I really like dinner with the team a little better, when you work with people, then go to dinner, it’s like you’re with family, then when you don’t see them, you miss them. Since I’m training now, I don’t see them every day,so when we can get together for dinners, it’s a treat! We catch up on life.

As the project is wrapping up in the next few weeks, people are beginning to roll off and we won’t see each other every day, so these dinners are extra special, this team has been so much fun to be on, working with great people and going to fun places with great food, wahoo.

I wonder what’s in store next for us!

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