Peaches Prattlings

{March 22, 2015}   What a weekend!

I was at my sister’s house, so you know what that means! Yup, sit back, grab a cup o’ caffeine and away we go!

I’ve told you a little so far, but there is so much more! Ready…Set…Go!

Friday, I arrived earlier than I have the past few weeks, got to see my less than happy niece, EJS, who had been sick for a few days, GES and dad were there as well, he had gotten in on Thursday. My sister had some great news to share, so GO GES! A good way to start the weekend, so there was good and there was bad.

Shortly after I got there, we left the house to head to…wait for it…Cheesecake Factory! ACS and both girls love it, so it is now tradition to go there on their birthdays. We arrived before ACS and MGS and after we put our name down for a table, since they don’t take reservations, we started to go to walk around the mall and ran into father and daughter, what a greeting for Auntie! Sigh.

Then it was walking around the mall waiting for our table, up the escalator, down the escalator, up the escalator, down the escalator…when does this stop being entertaining? No MGS! No more up the escalator, down the escalator and no, I’m not chasing you! I really couldn’t, I was wearing shoes with a wedge, not running.

Finally it was time for dinner and a lovely time was had by all, with cheesecake and a brownie with ice cream, candle and serenading, then head home to eat the cheesecake. Did I mention it had been snowing when I got to the house? Hasn’t Boston gotten enough? They already hit their record…108 inches!

Home was more singing and then night night. [remember, that was just Friday night!]

It continued to snow until Saturday afternoon and a few hours later, it was as if it never was! Saturday morning brought ACS making waffles, yum! [always reminds me of Shrek when Donkey says “And in the mornin’, I’m makin’ waffles!]. Then it was running a few errands with EJS and GES. Then turn around, head home, have a bite of lunch, that would be the pizzas for the cancelled party and true buffalo wings imported from The Anchor Bar in Buffalo with their own blue cheese. People were happy. [and no, I did not eat a chicken wing!]

Sometime during lunch, ACS’ brother and his wife arrived, JS and AS to join us for a snack and then we piled into three cars and headed to the movie theater, where we met some other folks who were joining us, making it a total of 13 to see Cinderella [four kids and 9 adults, how does that work?]

It was a really good movie, I’m loving almost all of the live action fairy tale movies Disney is coming out with! This was not a musical, but it had a great cast and a strong script enjoyed by all!

After the movie, we went to dinner at a nice restaurant, The Met Bar,, where we met, ha ha…B’s husband, SM and their son HM as well as PSM. Dinner was a grand time, everyone talking and laughing and then there was more dessert and singing, lucky girl!

Finally it was time to head home, so we gathered the troops and wondered where MGS was getting the energy at almost 9pm, don’t ask me, I raced with her and chased her! Home and time for bed! [now, remember, that was just Saturday!]

Sunday started too early, I was hoping to sleep past 7…nay-nay said my body. At 6:30,. the desire to go to the bathroom was greater than the desire to stay asleep! Boo

Up and then upstairs, eventually ACS made pancakes and a giant one that he wrote Happy Birthday EJS, put a candle in it and we sang again! Now, that’s what I call a birthday weekend!

Dad and I went to return my ski boots and get new ones, long story for another day, then back to the house. EJS was already gone to Sunday School. Arts and crafts with MGS, then it was time to get dressed and go to the JCC to see a performance of Curious George performed by a local community theater group, really cute, then a Wellness Expo with a bounce house, among other things for the kids and face painting , of course! Only problem…it had to come time for swim lessons and GES met us with all her swim stuff.

After swim, home to play and prep for dinner. Did I mention I did a load of laundry in there somewhere? PSM arrived around 6 and we sat down to dinner. Not everyone had the same thing, but it was nice to be together. After dinner, ACS ran to the grocery store and brought dessert home, among other things and while he was gone, I made a banana bread, it was yummy!

After dinner, it was time for stories and bed, Curious George for MGS, go figure! I said goodnight to both girls and told them I would see them in two weeks. Back downstairs to have grown up visiting, then it was time for PSM to head home, I finished packing and now I’m talking to you.

And that, my friends, was my weekend! Are you tired? I am! I’m a little beat and the taxi is coming at 5:15AM!

Don’t get me wrong at all! I love it! It’s just another typical weekend here!


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