Peaches Prattlings

{March 16, 2015}   What a day…start to finish!

I started in Boston and ended in Buffalo.

Today was a travel day, there was good, blech and great. Got up, showered and dressed, taxi to the airport, dropped my yogurt when I got out of the taxi, breezed through security, had a egg Mcgriddle, yum! Eventually boarded the plane, settled in and then the flight attendant asked for a volunteer to move to the back of the plane [it was a baby “planelet”] to help balance the weight. What?

Well, no one volunteered, so guess who raised their hand? Went to the back, ‘re’-settled in, put on Joe vs. The Volcano and fell in love with it all over again! Waited to take off and waited, de-ice something and waited. Multi-tasked by playing a game while I watched the movie. Get to Buffalo a little late, get off the plane, get my bag, head to car rental, get in the car, can’t find my license, ack! I get to the hospital where I am teaching, still can’t find my license, but I had to get to class to teach.

I get down there, where are the materials? over there instead of over here, where’s the presentation? Can’t get to it right now, no worries, taught without the presentation on the overhead, class still went well. Taught two classes, took care of things during the third as no one was registered.

Got the car, headed to the hotel, bumped my head not once but twice getting out of the car and looking for something, front and back seat! What? Checked into the hotel eventually, while I was waiting, the valet brought my license to me, wahoo! I didn’t have any cash, but I gave him a $1M chocolate bar to say thank you!

Headed to the room, same as the one I was in last week, what are the odds! Hung out, got some work done and then my friend from college, JC, well, when I knew him he spelled his first name with a G and that’s how I will always think of him GC. He came from Rochester to go to dinner, how awesome was that?! We went to Chef’s,, which was a recommendation from someone in the office as well.

The food was good, company was great, décor typical, lots of famous people on the walls. Dessert is still in the bag waiting for me to eat it [cookie is mine], probably tomorrow, I couldn’t resist it! Then on the way out, the $5 for 3 raffle tickets for a FIFTEEN POUND chocolate bunny, what? If I win, who gets it?

So, all in all, a good day and now I’m chilling out in my room at the hotel, ready to start everything over again tomorrow. No head bumps please!




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