Peaches Prattlings

{March 11, 2015}   What a day!

The day started like all the others since I started training…early.

The alarm went off at 5:15am, snooze until 5:30, I also have a second alarm set up so that I won’t be able to oversleep, it worked. I showered, got dressed, finished packing and headed out about 5:50am, on the road, after check out and headed to my first hospital.

Got to the hospital about 6:30, parked, headed in and got my class ready to go. The classes I was teaching today were 1.5 hours each and there were 4classes that I taught today. After the first two I headed to the next hospital to teach two more classes. In between, there were some technical difficulties and I didn’t have an instructor’s pc, but no worries, I’ve got this! I kept them on track and entertained.

Four classes later, at 4pm, one debriefing call at 4:30pm and then to one of the offices to get some paperwork. Next, I headed to meet MY TWIN NB!!! For dinner! I’m in Buffalo and he’s in Rochester, so…we got to see each other, he came my way to an Irish Pub not far from my hotel, so awesome of him to do that!

What a great night, we talked and laughed and realized how much we adore each other and look out for each other and reinforce why he’s one of my closest and best friends, he has to be, we’ve known each other for…wait for it! TWENTY SIX years! OMG! Freshmen year of college!

Now to the next hotel, check in and get a little work done, then sleep. Sleep. Sleep..Perchance to dream, is it coming? Please say yes!

JedBooks says:

What is a busy day! I share your pain. My days are usually loaded down with projects, work, and what not. No sleep for the weary, I guess 🙂

Nope! There will be plenty of sleep…some day! 😉

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