Peaches Prattlings

{March 9, 2015}   I underpacked…

Yes folks, you heard me say it, I JJ…underpacked.

My under things that is. Clothing is never an issue, I always have more than I need and even for these two weeks, I have enough clothes for work, as I am teaching different people every day, I could, actually, wear the same thing over and over, as long as it’s the same class and who would be the wiser? Nobody! But I’m not doing that!

I usually have downtime clothes, which I did this trip, my first week here, the only thing I did have that wasn’t professional were workout gear and jammies, other than that, if we decided to go out, work clothes.

Normally, I pack enough sox and britches to get me through 2x the days on the trip, this time, I do not know where my head was…I knew I would do laundry at dad’s [if I was going somewhere else for the weekend, laundry there] but..even so, I always have enough underthings to get me through a few extra days.

This trip…not so. I got to dad’s and before I could do laundry, I was down to the socks from the day before and a pair of bathing suit bottoms. Don’t tell me you have never done this before! I know everyone who went to college has done this at least once! Not saying that anyone who did not go to college did not do this, but…I know how many of my friends in college did this!

Get this, I even packed my bag for this coming weekend, it’s packed and ready to go at home, enough underthings to get through more than the weekend, but not here! Go figure!


Happy Happy Happy birthday to three of my favorite people, all of them call me Auntie! Fabulous 4 year old twins S&E and COF from across the street! XOXO

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